The British Grand Prix – Highlight of the Motor Racing Calendar

It will come as no surprise that we’re pretty keen on motor sports here at Speedy Reg. We love to watch the F1 Grand Prix and the highlight is always the British race at the iconic Silverstone circuit. We’re hoping they will agree a deal to continue holding the race at Silverstone after their contract runs out in 2019 because it’s a great track.

There have been 71 British Grand Prix races since it started in 1926. Ferrari hold the record for the most wins, with 15 titles to their name. The drivers with the most wins are Jim Clark and Alain Prost with five each.

When to watch…

The British Grand Prix is the 9th race of the 2017 season. The race itself is on Sunday July 16th starting at 1pm. Practice races one and two are on Friday July 14th  with practice three and qualifying on Saturday July 15th.

If you’ve got Sky Sports Formula One channel you’ll be able to watch the whole lot live, but luckily for those who don’t have the F1 channel, the British Grand Prix will also be broadcast live on Channel 4. Channel 4 are only showing 10 races live this year, with just highlights available for the other races, but thankfully the British Grand Prix is one of those 10!

Get your private plate at the ready…

It seems to me that people who love F1 REALLY love F1, and if you really love something, why not show that to the world with a motor racing private plate?

How about a Grand Prix plate? We’ve got GP04 PGP and G3 PGP for sale. If you really want to turn heads you could go for 11 F or how about a racer plate such as R34 CER, RAC 13R, RAC 3R or RAC 8R? My favourite pick is the awesome RAC 111G – the perfect racing plate! Perhaps you’d like an F1 plate? We’ve got F1 FON available, or you could go for F457 ONE.

Any of these take your fancy? If so, give us a call, or why not search for your own F1 plate and see if you can find some even better ones. Let us know if you do! Perhaps you have a favourite team or driver? Just put their name in the search box and see what you can find!

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