It has to be a Mazda

Number Plates

Mazdas have always been popular and there’s currently a lot of excitement about the launch of the new Mazda 3 which will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, shortly before it goes on sale.

From the sporty two-seater roadster the MX-5 to the large Mazda MPV there’s a Mazda to suit everyone and it’s an easy car to fall in love with. Mazda owners tend be very keen on the make.

Of course if you love your Mazda, then you’ll be wanting the perfect personalised plate to share your love for your Mazda with the world. We’ve got plenty of great MAZ plates that would look amazing on any Mazda.

At the top end of our range of MAZ plates you can have MAZ 43 for £3500, MAZ 414 for £1400, or MAZ 72 for £1990. If this is a little over your budget we do have a great 0% finance option, but we also have plenty of very cheap MAZ plates. There’s AD04 MAZ, TA03 MAZ, YY02 MAZ, HU04 MAZ and literally hundreds more, all  for just £199 each!

Photo credit: Auzigog / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA