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Cheap number plates – we’ve got some huge discounts

We’ve always got plenty of cheap number plates for sale, but we thought you might like to hear about some of our recently reduced plates if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new personalised plate soon. It’s not just the most expensive plates that have been discounted, we’ve reduced the prices of many of our cheaper plates too.

We’ve slashed the price of DAH 11A by a whopping £1200 down to just £1930. We think A5 BCA  was a bargain for such a short plate at £424, but we’re now offering it with a discount for just £399! If you like short plates then you might also be interested in 56 BE especially as we’ve knocked £100 off the price. You can now purchase this highly desirable plate for just £3505.

Most people love plates with their name on, and we’ve got plenty of those to choose from too. Here’s a selection:

We’ve got AA04 BEN reduced from £724 to £699, KT07 LYN now down to £624 from £649, 56 RAY reduced by £200 now selling at £4780 and OG02 SAM for just £874, a discount of £106!

Of course there are hundreds more available so check them out our reduced price number plate listings for yourself at

Image credit – By Web Design Hot – [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons