Finding your car in the car park

Number Plates

When the weather’s nice we all like to get out and about in our cars. Whether you’re going to a festival or visiting the local car boot sale to pick up some bargains, we can all face the same dilemma… where did we leave the car?

With so many cars looking so similar, in a large car park it can be very hard to spot your own. Many of us will even have tried to get into someone else’s car that happens to look similar to ours, then wonder why our keys don’t work. How embarrassing is that!

The trick is to make your car stand out and be visible from a distance so you can easily spot it. I’ve seen people with mops sticking out of their sunroof, but well, this looks a bit silly and you’d be in trouble if it rained. A much better idea is to buy an aerial topper. There are loads available, they’re little fun accessories that sit on top of your car aerial so you can easily spot yours from a distance. The kids will love them too.

Take a look at  or You’ll find plenty of choice from sheep penguins and fairies to a Jolly Roger flag or Winnie the Pooh.