Personalised number plates with 0% finance


If you’ve found your perfect plate and want to snap it up now before someone else buys it, but you haven’t quite got the cash together yet, then don’t worry, we have a great finance option with 0% interest so it won’t even cost you extra.

There’s no need to wait until pay day to buy your new number plate. Our instant finance option is quick and simple. There’s just a short form to fill out and you could have your finance agreement within minutes.  Then all you need to do is pay a 10% deposit and the plates are yours!  You can then choose to pay the outstanding sum in one go, perhaps when you get paid, or if you prefer to spread the cost then that’s no problem either, you can opt to pay over twelve months. That’s a whole year to pay meaning you can buy a pricier, more desirable plate without having to foot a big bill all at once.

We’ve chosen Hitachi Capital for our finance option as they’re well established, reliable and the procedure is made so easy for you. Just fill out the form at the checkout and we’ll take care of the rest of the process for you.



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