Purrfect Plates For Pet Day

It’s National Pet Day! So it’s time to celebrate our love of animals. If you have pets it’s a day to spoil them. A nice long walk for Rover, a bit of tuna for dinner for Mr Tiddles. Perhaps you could give a donation to a pet charity to help those animals who don’t yet have a loving home.

According to recent research, 46% of us own a pet. From fish, birds and lizards to cats and dogs, we certainly are a nation of pet lovers.

Let’s take a look at some of the brilliant pet plates we’ve got in stock…

If you love all pets then how about a PET plate? We’ve got PET 8OY, PET 99R and PET 3F all available now.

Cat lovers can pick up 8 CAT, 22 CAT or even the ultimate cat plate… CAT 1

If you’re more of a dog person then what about 2 DOG, perfect if you actually have two dogs! If you’re looking for a cheaper DOG plate we’ve got N27 DOG for £395, and even cheaper still you could snap up C052 DOG for the bargain price of £199. We have absolutely loads of similar plates at these low prices. Just type ‘DOG’ into our search box and they’ll all come up for you to choose from.

You could always try typing in your favourite breed of dog too. You could find the perfect plate this way such as N23 PUG. Again this is available for just £199!

Of course there are plenty of other pets out there that shouldn’t be left out. So let’s find some of the best plates for other pets…

If you adore bunnies then how about BUN 5S, B4 NNY, RAB 1R, RAB 55T or F1 BUN? If you’re the owner of a lizard we’ve got LII ARD available. Hamster owners could opt for HAM 3R. We’ve also got some amazing RAT plates such as 8 RAT, RAT 1A and HI5 RAT.

So whatever pet you have, you know you’ll find a private plate to show the world how much your pets mean to you. Just use our search engine to find all the related plates and have fun choosing. With prices starting at just £40 and interest free credit available on orders over £199, owning a private plate might be a lot cheaper than you thought!