It’s the Last Ever Season of Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new black - Speedy Reg
Orange is the new black – Speedy Reg

That’s it. We’ve got one final season of Orange is the New Black to enjoy then it’s gone, there will be no more. We’re going to miss it, that’s for sure. We’ll have to go back to the beginning and watch  all 7 seasons over again, but it the meantime, we do have season 7 to savour and it’s bound to be exciting. The last episode is going to be amazing, how will it end? The new season will be released on July 26th on Netflix.

Season six – a great finale

Season 6 went out with a lot going on, there’s certainly a lot of questions waiting to be answered and hopefully some of the wrongs will be righted! Taystee got life for a murder she didn’t commit. We saw Blanca get out of Lichfield early, her husband waiting for, bouquet in hand, but then she was immediately taken to the immigration detention centre. Will she be deported this season? We were left with cliffhangers of Lorna going into labour early, and also Daya’s drug addiction, so it will be interesting to see where both those stories go.

Your favourite characters set to return

With no major character deaths in season 6, we’re going to see all our favourite inmates return in season 7. Even Piper who was released early is set to return. Also confirmed to return for the final season are Taystee, Frieda, Suzanne, Nicky, Red, Daya and Black Cindy. Two newcomers to season 6 will also be in season 7, Daddy and Madison.

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