Is It Time To Buy A Year Plate?

What’s the next big thing in private plates? Well it’s always hard to predict, but plates that represent important years are becoming increasingly popular. Plates with names on are always big sellers, but that’s what everyone goes for. With private plates becoming cheaper in recent years, when once it was cool to spot a plate such as AO53 ZOE or J10 ROB, and know that Zoe and Rob were driving those cars, for some of us, we’re just looking for something different now.

This is where year plates come in. Perhaps more subtle than your name on your plate, a year can represent anything you like. Perhaps you want a plate with the year you got married on or the year your child was born? Maybe there’s been an important historical year that means a lot to you? For example, a fantastic plate for any football fan would be 1966 GR. We’ve got this plate available right now and it’s a great way to commemorate the victory of the England team in the world cup back in 1966.

Personalised plates are becoming increasingly popular as investments. They are very good at holding their value and many people find that by the time it comes to sell their plate on, they’ve actually made a decent profit. Investors are getting wise to this and snapping up a variety of plates on retention certificates. One way you could make some money from plates would be to buy a plate with a future year on it. Imagine if something fabulous happened in that year? If England won the world cup again, in the year you’d bought on a plate, well you’d be quids in with that one. But of course every one has their memorable year. So if you bought a plate that represented a year in the future, anyone who got married in that year might just want to snap that up at a later date.

Year plates also make a thoughtful gift. Anyone would love a plate for a birthday with their year of birth on, or a wedding date for an anniversary gift.

To find your own stylish year plate simply type the year into our search engine. You could try the full year, such as 1989 or the shortened version 89 to get the most options. All our plates are available on retention certificate, so you don’t need to have a vehicle ready for it to be transferred to. We have a wide range of payment options, including PayPal and we also offer interest finance if you like to spread your payments.