Keep safe – Winter driving tips

Winter is a dangerous time for drivers, so you need to be prepared. It really is best to avoid driving when it’s very icy. If you really must get somewhere then consider taking the train instead and leaving the car behind. If you simply must take your car then take all the precautions you can. Start your journey in good time so you can take it slowly and cautiously. Make sure your car has a clean windscreen and mirrors to ensure that your have the maximum visibility. Check your tyres. You should have a tread of at least 3mm for winter driving. Protect your engine by adding a mix of 50% water and 50% antifreeze to the cooling system.

You’re most likely to break down in winter and it can get very cold, especially at night, Make sure you have supplies in your car for such an eventuality. Some warm blankets, something to eat and drink, and a torch. This is especially important if you’re travelling with young children or the elderly.

Always travel with your phone and make sure it is well charged. If you break down you’ll need to be able to call a garage or your breakdown assistance company. If you don’t already have breakdown assistance then it might be a very good time to take out cover.

Photo credit: net_efekt/ Foter/ CC BY