Does being popular run in your DNA?


According to recent studies popularity runs in your DNA and therefore if your parents are social people this trait should have been carried into your own personality. Over several years of study on a colony of monkeys scientists discovered that popularity ran in families where over time groups and friendships were formed and this trend continued throughout the years. The less social monkeys however weren’t able to establish lasting friendships or were rejected by other members of the group. Many sceptics however, believe that popularity is gathered through a combination of DNA and life experiences. It is possible to increase your popularity through changing peoples attitude towards you, so perhaps a change of style, career or doing things to impress others such as driving a flash car. We at Speedy Reg are of the opinion that getting yourself noticed with a personalised registration is a great way to raise your popularity. The most popular plates we have at the moment are KAZ numbers so any Karens out there who are feeling a little unnoticed get yourself a personalised plate. Dr Who actress Karen Gillan might now be needing a personalised plate to get her name out there now that she has left the show.