What are the advantages of owning a Personalised Number Plate?


What are the advantages of owning a Personalised Number Plate? Well actually there are several and it depends on you and your circumstances, what the most important advantage is to owning a private registration plate is. For many people, it’s simply a case of making your car look extra good! With a private plate you can express your personality and turn heads. Everyone recognises personalised number plates. People love to spot them and see the meaning in them. If it represents your name such as 27 PAM or DAN 5A, everyone will know it’s you! They’ll say ‘There goes Pam!’ even if they don’t actually know you, like you’re some sort of celebrity. Perhaps you’re making a statement or a joke. I know someone who is a little overweight, but perfectly happy in their own skin, and they bought a FAT plate! You could be expressing your love of something, such as a pet, a sports team or your favourite hobby. At the end of the day, private plates are fun and they look cool, and that’s a major advantage in itself.

However, there are other advantages to owning a private plate. If you have an older vehicle, you can hide the age of it with a dateless private plate. We have lots of these types of plates, they’re very popular. Buy a dateless personalised number plate, and not only do you get a fab private plate, but also no one will know how old your car is as it simply cannot be worked out by looking at the characters on your license plate.

If you’re a business owner, then a private plate can be very advantageous as a source of cheap advertising. For less than the price of a one-off advert in a magazine, you can have a mobile advert on your car that will last forever, drawing attention to your business wherever you go. I was recently chatting to someone who has a sewerage related business. They have a fleet of vehicles with POO registration plates! Brilliant! There are so many options for any type of business if you put some thought into it. A caterer could opt for BUN, a dog walker could have a DOG plate and a computer technician could have a WWW plate for example.

So whether it’s to impress the neighbours, hide the age of your embarrassingly old car, or to advertise your business, there are always lots of advantages to owning a private plate, and with plates available for under £100 there’s no reason why anyone can’t make the most of their vehicle and enhance it with a private plate. Take a look at our massive selection of plates by using our very clever search engine which will help you narrow down your options so you can choose the perfect plate to suit your needs. We really do have something for everyone, and plates to suit all budgets too.