How to be super cool!


So you want to look cool, you want your car to turn heads, but unfortunately you can’t afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Well sadly this is case for most of us, so forget the car and think about the number plate. If you buy a new car soon after a new plate comes out, you’ll have a real status symbol. The latest plates always attract attention. If you’re planning to buy a new car in July then you may as well wait until August and get the very latest plate. It’s also a point worth thinking about  with regards to selling your car in the future too. If two identical cars were up for sale, the one with the later plate is more likely to get a slightly higher sale price, even though in reality it might only have been registered a few days earlier if one was registered before the plate change, and one just after.

But what if you don’t want to buy a new car or can’t afford to buy a brand new vehicle? A personalised plate is the answer. You will look cool, no one will know the age of your car and you’ll definitely turn heads. A real status symbol without the expense of a new car. You can pick up a personalised plate for under £100 so it needn’t be a very expensive purchase either.

Photo credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ]/ Foter/ CC BY