Looking for a cheap cover registration?


Have you just purchased a pre-owned vehicle and you fancy giving it an update or perhaps hiding the age of the vehicle? This can be done by transferring a dateless registration onto the vehicle as opposed to a current or prefix style number. As you know current style registrations contain the year of issue therefore if your vehicle is from 2008 it should have an 08 current style number already on it. If you want to keep your neighbors talking on the subject of your new vehicle why not replace the registration with a dateless number.

You don’t have to spend a fortune doing so. Did you know all Irish registrations are dateless and you can pick one up from as little as £40 from reputable companies such as Speedy Registrations, who are market leaders in supplying cheap Irish number plates in the industry. Irish registrations follow a specific format which is quite different to regular DVLA numbers.

An Irish registration will always begin with three letters, which will either contain an I or a Z and will be followed by either 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers. The less numbers or the more desirable the numbers, the more expensive or valuable the registration will be. Therefore if you are looking for a cheap registration to hide the age of your vehicle you will need to stick to the 4 digit numbers.

It is very simple to find a selection of cheap Irish registrations via the Speedy Reg website, simply click on the ‘cheap number plates’ tab at the top of the homepage and this will bring you to a large list of available registrations from as little as £40.00. Numbers are conveniently listed in alpha numeric order and you can also search under initials, names, hobbies or nicknames and the website will give you suitable suggestions. For example if your name is Barry and you type this into the search bar at the top it will give you all sorts of suggestions not just dateless but also suffix style, prefix style and current style. For example BAR 121K would be a great registration for Barrie K, however at just over £7,000 this is not a cheap cover number so perhaps BAZ 4626 would be a more suitable alternative at £672 all inclusive.

Among the nicer cheap cover numbers available are RIG, suitable for Rigbys or Riggals, THZ excellent for Thomas, VNZ a good number for Vinny, KRZ which would be suitable for Kristian of Kirstin or LIG which is good for the surname Liggit.

If you have found your ideal reg the next step is to get in touch either via email or telephone our friendly sales staff are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you with your order. If you have already purchased with us before or are familiar with the procedure simply order online and wait for one of the sales team to call you to confirm the next stage.

Your new registration could be a simple click away.