Cheap Irish Registrations- get yours today at Speedy Reg


If you’re in the market for a new number plate whether that be a personalised one or just something to hide the age of your vehicle, don’t overlook our cheap Irish number plates. With prices starting from just £40 they really are an absolute steal. If you’re not familiar with Irish number plates,  when the industry refer to Irish number plates, we’re actually talking about plates from Northern Ireland. These number plates are transferable throughout the UK and purchasing an Irish number plate is no more complicated than purchasing any of our other plates. We’ve been selling Irish number plates throughout the UK for over 30 years, so we have thousands of satisfied customers.  As we are based in Northern Ireland, Speedy Reg can offer you the cheapest Irish number plates in the marketplace.

Not only are Irish number plates incredibly good value, there are also some other great benefits to owning one. You might like the look of them. We have a huge selection of 3×3 number plates, these are plates with two sets of three characters such as LBZ 575 ( a good choice for anyone called Libby) or IXZ 494. We think these 3×3 number plates have that perfect personalised look about them as they sit nicely on the plate.

If you have an older vehicle an Irish reg is an excellent option as it acts as a cover number . Sometimes we just don’t want our friends, relatives or the neighbours knowing how old our car is! Most number plates make it very obvious, you just have to glance at the year identifier on the car to work out the year it was manufactured, but with Irish number plates, this is not possible as all Irish number plates are dateless; they don’t have a year identifier.  This also means that you are not limited with your choice. With standard DVLA number plates, you can’t choose one that will make your car look newer than it actually is, but with all Irish plates being dateless, you can choose any of them.

All Irish number plates have either an I or a Z in them, offering some good choices for personalisation of some common names such as GAZ, JIL, KAZ or BIL.  Transfer of Irish number plates takes just 2 weeks. You can call us at any time to check on the progess of your transfer. We promise to do our very best to get your plates to you as quickly as possible. We are renowned for our fast transfers, you won’t find faster anywhere else!

We have a massive selection of Irish plates so take a look. We’re sure you will find something to suit your budget. When you’ve found the ideal plate the next step is simple, checkout is very straight forward and we have a wide range of payment options, including interest free finance. If you are having difficulties finding your ideal plate or if you have any questions why not speak to one of our sales team.