Irish Registrations the cheapest and the best


Here at Speedy registrations we are proud of the fact that we are the number one provider of Irish registrations on the UK market. When we say Irish registrations we are simply using a trade term, however what we actually mean is registrations from Northern Ireland and as this is part of the UK it is perfectly legal to transfer these registrations to any other UK country.

We have a huge selection of cheap ‘Irish’ number plates ranging in price from as little as £40.00 plus the fees. We have the largest selection of Irish registrations on the market and this means if you see it advertised elsewhere we probably own it and therefore you will not get it cheaper anywhere else.

If you are looking for a cheap cover number to hide the age of your vehicle an Irish registration is the number one choice and you might be lucky enough to get one to suit your initials or even your name. If you are not familiar with Irish registrations they are different to your run of the mill DVLA style registrations. The main difference is their number and letter combination. Unlike the DVLA registrations where you have two letters followed by two numbers and three letters, Irish registrations begin with 3 letters and end in either one to four numbers.

Depending on how many numbers you want in your registration Irish registrations are very reasonably priced and you can get a nice 3×3 for as little as £190 plus the fees. If you are not fussed on what the number is but simply want a registration that will hide the age of your vehicle you will get one from just £40.00 or if you are looking for a more varied selection we also have registrations priced from £50 and £99.

Perhaps you were looking for something personalised but need it to be dateless and your budget is limited. Irish registrations are still an excellent choice and there are many which suit specific names for example if your name is Karen you could have a KAZ, Lilian could have LIL, Jill could have a JIL, Gary should choose a GAZ, Darren would definitely pick a DAZ and even for surnames if your surname is Higgins you could have a HIG or any Frazers might love a FRZ registration.

Numbers can also be factored in to become personalised for example perhaps you are looking for a nice registration for your husband Barry, who also goes by the nickname Baz and he was born 4th February 1957 if you have a look on our website you will see that BAZ 4257 is a perfect number for him. Likewise if your name is Karen and you turn thirty on 2nd March this year perhaps you might get an excellent birthday gift of registration KAZ 2385. At £480 plus the fees this may be an expensive gift for one person to buy however you could consider our finance option, which is a buy now pay later plan with 0% interest over the first year. Alternatively you could ask your friends to club together and get a gift you will really love rather than 10 meaningless gifts.

So as you can see an Irish registration is a great choice for many reasons mainly value for money, selection, a cover number to hide the age of your vehicle and there are some great personalised styles.