CIG plates now available – what do you think about that?

SpeedyReg_CIG_01 (1)

When Irish license plates were issued by the DVA in Coleraine, they made the decision not to issue CIG plates due to their reference to smoking, however, now they have closed, and these decisions are made by the DVLA in Swansea, the no CIG rule has been overturned and CIG plates are now being issued, should you want one.

Smoking is a controversial issue, some people simply hate it and want it banned entirely, while many others believe people have the right to choose the right vape from the 180 Smoke Canadian vape store and don’t want to live in a ‘nanny state’. The smoking ban is still an ongoing issue, slowly smoking is being banned in more and more places. Do you remember when smoking was allowed on buses, trains and aeroplanes? It seems weird now, but that was the norm not all that very long ago, well I’m old enough to remember it anyway! Then in more recent years smoking was banned in pubs. Many publicans were upset by this, believing it should be up to them whether or not they wanted a smoking or a non-smoking establishment. While some of us enjoyed a cigarette with our pint of beer or glass of wine, and are now forced to smoke outside in the cold, many others welcomed the ban and can now go home after a night out without our clothes and hair smelling of smoke, not to mention the damage to our lungs from passive smoking. Long gone are they days when smoking was considered glamorous and no starlet was seen without a cigarette in a fancy holder. These days it’s seen only as a dirty and dangerous habit.

We’ve seen cigarette advertising banned, we’ve seen cigarettes now being sold from behind closed doors in our supermarkets, and now it looks like all cigarettes will be sold in plain packaging in the not too distant future. With these continued measures against smoking, it may seem a little odd that you can now buy a CIG registration plate! But who would want one? Well some people are bound to. There’ll be some die hard smokers who want to thumb their nose at the government, or others who will just want one because it’s a bit controversial. Or maybe your initials are CIG and this is the plate you’ve always wished they’d issue! Whatever your reasons, you can now buy your CIG plates if you’d like one. We currently have several CIG plates available, and they’re pretty great looking 3×3 plates too! You can choose from CIG 494, CIG 242 and CIG 676. Just type CIG into the search box on our website to see our latest CIG plate selection.