Who buys personalised registration plates and why?


These days, all different types of people buy private plates for all sorts of reasons! Of course millionaires, rock stars and celebrities of all types love their private plates, but with prices from just £40, you don’t have to be rich to own a private plate.

Some people buy personalised registration plates as an investment. They’re a fun way to invest your money as while you’re holding on to your private plates, waiting for them to increase in value, you can use them! Private plates are becoming more popular as an investment as they have a good reputation for keeping their value and increasing in value too. A safer bet than shares these days!

Private plates are also quite popular as gifts. The personalised gift industry is big business, and you won’t get anything more unique and personal than a private plate! You can have fun picking out the perfect plate for a birthday present or wedding gift, or if you’re not sure which plate to opt for, you can even buy gift vouchers. That way, you can put the vouchers in a card and your recipient can choose their own plates at their leisure. You can then be sure that they will be really happy with your present!

Personalised registration plates are good for advertising too. They are incredibly cost effective when you think about it. A one off purchase that can advertise your business forever! Much better value than an advert in a magazine or newspaper, and unusual enough to turn heads and be remembered. Imagine having a BUN plate if you run a bakery, or a VET plate if you’re a veterinarian! Of course, you can’t really lose; as we’ve mentioned previously, plates do tend to retain their value, so you can sell your plate on at any time and recover your costs. You might even make a tidy profit!

People with older vehicle like our dateless plates as they disguise the age of their vehicle. We have some very cheap Irish plates available, all of which are dateless. They’re a very cost effective way of hiding the age of an old car, and obviously, much cheaper than upgrading your vehicle!

While all these are great reasons to buy a private plate, probably the most popular reason that people splash out on a new personalised plate, is simply for the fun of it! Why have a boring standard DVLA plate that means nothing, that’s just a random string of letters and numbers, when you can have a plate that means something! Your name, your wedding date, or some other phrase that people will recognise. Whether you’re looking to impress the neighbours, or amuse passers-by, you’ll always find a private plate that will totally fit the bill.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for new private plates, take a look at our website at www.speedyreg.co.uk. We’ve got thousands of plates for you to choose from, and plates to suit all budgets. We’ve also got a wide range of payment options including interest free finance.