Personalised gifts for Father’s Day

Give the gift of Individuality on Father’s Day

The third Sunday of June is a special date in the calendar. It’s the annual celebration of Fathers. The day when fathers are cherished for their support, their love, their unending commitment to their children.

It’s often difficult to find the right present for Dads. A walk around any shopping centre sees the usual display of fatherly gifts – golf clothes, golf clubs, golf club covers, beer mugs, coffee cups, books, autobiographies and any amount of trinkets.

It’s hard to know what to give to the man who has made you who you are. A gift that thanks him for his quiet support and constant encouragement. So this year, instead of giving the usual trinkets or ‘manly’ gifts, why not give a gift with a bit more individuality and a bit more longevity. An ideal gift is a personalised number plate.

A personalised number plate is just that – a car number plate that has a personal message or name on it. So instead of having the normal mix of letters and numbers that mean nothing, you can use the letters and numbers to create a personal message.

Why a personalised number plate is ideal for Father’s Day 

1. It’s Personal

Show your Father that you see him as one in a million. With over 31 million cars on the road, your personalised number plate is literally 1 in 31 million.

2. It’s Unique

The golf club cover that you bought last year looks the same as the one that you could buy this year….. It’s easy to buy something off the shelf. A personalised number plate requires a bit of thought on your part and is unique to your Dad.

How to create a number plate of interest 

There are number plates to suit every budget. To keep it low-cost, here are some tips on how to create a personalised number plate that shows you care while still being aware of your budget. In order to get a cheap personalised number plate, you should think creatively.

1. Use letters as a prefix

Pick a year letter, follow it single digits and then use the three letters to show your Dad’s name or interest.

These number plates are a cheaper way to show your personal message. Here are a few examples:

ñ  A5 ROB (if your Dad’s name is Bob)

ñ  B3 TEE (if your Dad likes golf)

ñ  C4 FSH (if you like fishing)

2. Combine initials and interest

You can use your initials using the current style of numbering which is two letters, then year numbers and followed by three letters. Here are a few examples:

SF51 DAY (you could use your initials first, then your Dad’s surname as the last digits)

SF 55 ANN (you could use your initials and then your father’s name)

SF61 TEE (you could use your initials and your Dad’s interest, in for example, golf)

3. Buy a Northern Irish plate

Previously considered the “poor relation”, you can get some great bargains and create a personal message. Irish plates take the format of 2 or 3 letters, followed by up to 4 digits. The letters I and Z can be used.

Another great advantage to Northern Irish plates is that they are considered dateless.

So this year, get a gift of individuality and longevity for your Dad. Show him just how unique he is to you.