Get Shopping Online – it’s Cyber Monday!

If you didn’t get all your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday, or just couldn’t face the crowds, then don’t worry, you’ve got another chance to bag yourself a bargain as it’s Cyber Monday. The day for shopping online.

Cyber Monday has been around for about a decade now. It was originally introduced to encourage us to shop online more. That was back in the day when buying things on the Internet was all a bit strange, we were used to going out to the shops, picking up items and actually looking at them and touching them. Many people were nervous about paying over the Internet too. These days, most of us are pretty used to buying online. It’s so easy. You can do all your Christmas shopping in your pyjamas. There’s no need to go out in the cold and rain, you can easily compare prices without having to trek round half a dozen different shops, there are no queues, and you don’t end up laden down with bags of shopping!

These days, we don’t really need any encouragement to shop online, so Cyber Monday has changed to a day of great deals instead. Many online retailers have special offers just for the day, to get you into their online stores and hopefully keep you as a customer for the future.

If you’ve had your eye on something for a while but it’s a little too expensive, check it out today, you might find you get a discount.

If you’ve been coveting one of those luxurious advent calendars but can’t justify the cost, keep your eye out on Cyber Monday, it’s the perfect time to reduce them if shops have too many left in stock as advent is fast approaching and it’s their last chance to get rid of them. I predict the beauty and alcohol advent calendars will be reduced in price. The same applies to Christmas decorations and wrappings too.

It’s also well worth checking out the websites of the high street retailers. They may well have some special online only deals on. It’s a great chance to get all your Christmas shopping done and dusted nice and early and spend a little less too.

Of course we’ve got some great prices on private plates – as always! Our gift vouchers are always popular at this time of year. They make a great gift and they’re especially useful if you’re not going to see someone over the festive period as you can simply print out the voucher and pop it in a Christmas card in the post, or just email it!