Are you Well Jel for a numberplate?

Amy Childs, the lively red head beautician of The Only Way is Essex fame has recently spent £80,000 on a personalised number plate for her new white Jeep. The plate she chose was WE11 JEL, a local Essex phrase made popular on the show. Apparently she outbid a premiership footballer and one of the producers of the show to win this sought after number plate at auction.

A phrase like this is a great plate to buy, it’s got brilliant comedy value, everyone will immediately understand it, and if Amy should fall on hard times and need to sell it, then there will be a much bigger market for it than if she’d picked a plate that was very personal to her such as her name. However she could have had an AMY plate for much less than £80,000! For example she could have bought the plates E5 AMY or 4 MYX from Speedy Reg for a fraction of the cost, which are both rather lovely, but we have to agree, they don’t quite have the same wow factor that WE11 JEL does. It’s definitely the perfect plate for Amy!

Photo credit: Stuart Chalmers/ CC BY-ND