Looking for JONES number plate?


Many people know actor Freddie Jones for his role as Sandy Thomas in Emmerdale, father of the ex Rev. Ashley Thomas. If you are a fan of Emmerdale you will remember the gripping story line from 2012 where fun loving pensioner Sandy was beaten and tormented by his son Ashley. Rev Thomas put his father through a terrible ordeal, which eventually came to the fore with him being sacked from the Ministry and he was turned out of the village. The story line was one of the best the soap has seen in a long time and that was mainly due to the strong acting skills of Freddie Jones and John Middleton, who played their roles extremely well.

Speedy Reg have the perfect DVLA personalised number plate for Freddy, which is JON 35F, however you might be able to get there before him if your name is Frank Jones or Francesca Jones. This one of a kind registration is available to buy now so why not give us a call?