The perfect Rob personalised plate

If your name is three letters long you’re lucky when it comes to buying a personalised number plates as there are so many brilliant plates to choose from. If you’re a Rob then you’re bound to find the perfect plate for you. With there being so many to choose from you’ll always find a great plate to suit your budget. If you’re a Robin, a Robert, a Robyn or a Roberta then a ROB plate could be just the thing to make your car look that little bit extra special. Of course if you have a surname such as Roberts you could also pick up a great ROB plate.

Let’s have a look at the ROB plates you could buy from Speedy Reg. There’s ROB 1C, F3 ROB and F5 ROB available today. Prices for ROB plates do vary and you can pick some of them up very cheaply, so you don’t have to be Robin Williams or Robert Redford to afford one.

You could have a ROB plate if your chosen career is that of a bank robber, but then again, perhaps not!

Photo credit: johncarljohnson/ CC BY