Show Your Support for Local Businesses on Small Business Saturday

December 2nd is the fifth annual Small Business Saturday in the UK. It’s a day to support small businesses, so how can you do that? Well of course one way is to shop local. Do you have an amazing local shop that’s saved your bacon on Christmas Day when you forgot to get any cranberry sauce in? Then pop in and do some of your Christmas shopping there. It’s always good to have some bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates in at Christmas time, so buy them from a small business rather than from the big supermarkets. Or perhaps your hairdresser is pretty special? Then book yourself an appointment, get your hair gorgeous for the festive season, and perhaps treat yourself to some highlights or a colour as well.

There are plenty of great small businesses online too, and this is a great time of year to discover some new favourite online shops. This year, why not take a step away from those big businesses you order from every year and search out some of the smaller retailers. You’ll find unique gifts that other people might not have even seen.

It can be tough running your own business. Small business owners often work very long hours and rarely get a holiday. So why not say thank you to small businesses that have served you well in the past. Just a quick note to say thank you will make someone’s day, or a post on social media is even better, as it’s of course a lovely gesture that will no doubt be well received, but it’s great advertising for their business too which may bring them even more customers. Helping to promote your favourite small business will help that business to grow and so ensure they stay in business, which of course is a benefit to you as well!

Small Business Saturday also offers workshops and talks for small business owners. It’s a great chance to meet up with other small business owners to swap advice and stories, and also to learn something. Whether you’d like more information on tax or money management, or some tips on improving your marketing or online presence, you’ll find a workshop that will work well for you.

Of course, as a small business owner you are likely to be pretty busy. But, if you’re too busy to attend a workshop, then don’t worry, all the seminars are available on YouTube after the event, so you can watch them at your leisure.

So on Saturday 2nd December, support small businesses, think outside the box for your Christmas shopping and have fun! It could totally change the way you shop forever.

You can find more information about Small Business Saturday, including a calendar of events on Small Business Saturday website.