Choosing a personalised number plate

Personalised Number Plates

Everyone loves a personalised plate. Whether you’re picking one out for yourself or choosing one for a gift, deciding what plate to buy can be tricky as there are so many to choose from. 

At Speedy Reg we try and make this as simple as possible with our search facility. Type in a word and we’ll give you some suggestions for similar number plates.

Names are always popular for plates, your first name or surname, or the names of your children or pets.   We have S4 LLY for sale which would be perfect for someone called Sally, or how about SM13 THY if your surname is Smith?  You could also have your date of birth, or perhaps a special date such as your wedding date or the date of birth of a child. If your looking for the perfect 49th birthday present for your friend Den, we have 49 DEN available, and many more besides.

You may want a plate that shows off your love of a particular sports team, a band or singer or TV show. If you’re a big fan of The Mighty Boosh, then perhaps BOO 5H would be the ideal plate for you . Perhaps there’s a plate out there that describes your hobby or interest. If you run your own business a personalised plate can really help to advertise your services, especially on a works vehicle.