How easy is it to buy a personalised number plate?

Number Plates

Do you think that buying a private number plate will be a complicated procedure? Well think again, as it really isn’t difficult at all. Here at Speedy Reg we’ve been selling personalised plates for a long time, in fact we’re about to celebrate our 30th year in business, so you can rest assured we’re fast, efficient and knowledgeable about every aspect of the process.

Perhaps you think it’s a lengthy and time consuming business? Not at all, we will do as much of the work as possible for you, and we’ll also do it fast, so fast in fact, that many of our plates are transferred the very next day!

How can we do it so fast? Well we have a highly trained team of staff working seven days a week and we deal directly with the DVLA. Over the years we’ve learnt how to get our plates to our customers in the most efficient and speedy way possible.

Why not give our services a go for yourself? You won’t be disappointed with either the speed of your transaction or the quality of our service.

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