Will Motorcyclists Taking Further Control Courses Help Decrease Road Accidents?

Motorcyclists make up a very small proportion of road traffic in the UK yet account for up to 20 per cent of deaths and serious injuries on our roads. License to skill, a report funded by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the UK’s leading road safety charity, found that driver error, exceeding the speed limit and driver inexperience were the main factors in accidents involving motorcyclists, indicating that further training and control courses could help decrease road traffic accidents involving this group.

One of the most important things that any rider can do is wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), plus it is also very important to have motorcycle insurance. Motorcyclists who wear a crash helmet instantly reduce their risk of sustaining a serious head injury in a collision by up to 85 per cent, compared to those who do not. For motorcyclists, investing in PPE could quite literally save lives. Cost should not prevent anyone from investing in safety and a huge range reasonably priced protective gear is available online on ebay.co.uk.

Right to Ride

A report from Right to Ride Northern Ireland, compiled by Elaine Hardy, found that motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in single vehicle accidents on country roads, due to improper vehicle control and exceeding the speed limit, especially around bends. For issues around proper vehicle control, she recommends further control courses and driver training to reduce the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road.

Interestingly, the report also found that motorists are much more likely to be responsible for a multi-vehicle collision involving a motorcycle, especially on motorways. Control courses are currently being pushed nationwide to promote the safety of motorcyclists due to the higher risk of injury to these road users, but these findings suggest that additional training is just as important for motorists.  An anticipatory and measured driving style, and adherence to the speed limit, would promote safety amongst all road users. If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the las vegas motorcycle accident attorney at Richard Harris Law Firm immediately.

Anticipating risks

A more anticipatory and measured driving style, and adherence to the speed limit, creates a safer driving environment for all road users. Inexperienced riders in particular benefit from guidance on correct vehicle control, appropriate hazard perception and the importance of adhering to speed limits.  Some local authorities are now offering control courses and safety workshops free of charge to motorcyclists in an attempt to reduce accidents on the most dangerous roads with the highest incidence of fatalities. If you are ever hurt in an accident, you should contact an attorney if injured.

Educating motorcyclists

According to a motorcycle accident attorney, education is a vital tool for changing perceptions about road safety, in particular towards speeding and proper vehicle control. A change in attitudes and the enrolment of motorcyclists onto further control courses will certainly contribute to a reduction in road accidents that are the fault of motorcyclists; however, all road users have a duty to drive responsible with due care to other road users. If Local Authority pilot control courses are shown to be successful in reducing road traffic accidents, they may be rolled out to all road users, which could prove beneficial in encouraging a safer driving culture.