Irish Registration Combinations include Z and I

Z & I reg's

If you want a license plate with Z or I in it, then you really do need to take a look at the Irish registration plates we have available, as every Irish plate has either an I or a Z in it. If you’re looking for plates with either of these letters in then you’ll be truly spoilt for choice!

Your choice isn’t even limited by the age of your car as any Irish plate can be transferred to any UK vehicle regardless of age as all Irish plates are dateless. Irish plates are also the cheapest plates we offer, so it’s a very good way to easily hide the age of an older car, van or motorbike without having to splash out too much cash.

If you’re not familiar with Irish number plates, you might think the prices are a little too good to be true as you can pick up a very nice plate for just £40, but I assure you, it’s a genuine good deal. We get a particularly good deal on Irish plates, so we pass those savings on to you. Our Irish plates are always available at low prices, so while you need to snap up a plate you love before it’s gone, you’ll always find cheap Irish plates available on our site, no matter when you look.

We’ve been selling Irish plates to drivers in mainland UK for over 30 years now, but we’re selling more than ever at the moment. Word must have finally got around that they’re such amazingly good value. As we’ve been dealing in Irish plates for so long, we know all the ways to get your transfer done fast. Irish plates do take a little bit longer than other plates, but we do get it through as fast as possible for you and it will be worth the slightly longer wait. We’ll keep you updated as to the progress of your order and you can always give us a call if you’d like any extra information.

You’ll be pleased to know that we have a huge selection of Irish plates that is constantly being updated. In fact we have more Irish plates in stock than any other retailer! We can transfer your new plates straight onto your vehicle, or if you’d prefer to have it on a retention certificate then that’s fine with us too, we’ll get that all sorted out for you, just let us know at checkout.

Whether you have a motorbike or a fleet of lorries, our Irish plates are always worth checking out if you want outstanding plates at bargain prices.