Irish number plates – not just for the Irish

Number Plates

Did you know you don’t need to live in Ireland to display an Irish number plate on your vehicle? It’s perfectly legal to have an Irish plate on any UK vehicle, and the good news is that Irish plates are both cheap AND dateless! A great way to hide the age of your vehicle without having to spend a fortune and there’s no extra hassle to have an Irish plate, it’s as simple a procedure as buying a DVLA plate and of course if you buy your plate from Speedy Reg we take care of the process for you so it will all go through smoothly.

Another great thing about these plates from Northern Ireland is that they are generally short in length, giving you that cool and sought after personalised look for the fraction of the price of purchasing a similar length DVLA plate. Check out what is available on our website and get in touch if you have any questions about buying Irish number plates. Our highly experienced customer service team are always happy to help.

So even if you’ve never drunk Guinness or sung The Irish Rover, don’t worry, you’re still allowed to buy an Irish number plate.

Photo credit: Ojw / / CC BY-SA