Cheap Irish Plates from £40?


Can you believe it? Private plates from just £40? It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but honestly, it’s a genuine deal. It’s not a time limited offer, we’ve been offering our budget personalised registration plates from just £40 for years now, it’s just that some people haven’t yet discovered them.

Are you still suspicious minded about it? Well we won’t think less of you. It’s good to have your wits about you and be cautious when you’re shopping online. However, you can rest assured, you’re in safe hands with Speedy Reg. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years now and we’re not about to jeopardise our fantastic reputation for speed and quality of service by offering you a rogue deal. Some people wonder just how many plates we have for £40. Isn’t it often the case that you get offered something ‘from £x’ and it turns out they have 2 products at that price, usually rubbish that no one wants, then everything else is more expensive. Well not us. We have thousands of plates for our lowest prices.

So maybe you’re wondering how we can do it. Everyone knows private registration plates cost a fortune right? Well it’s not actually the case, but we do have a little secret. Our very cheapest plates are Irish plates, which we are able to get at a great price ourselves, so of course you can then benefit from lower prices too as we always pass our savings onto our customers.

If you haven’t heard about Irish plates, then let me fill you in…

Irish plates are totally road legal in the UK. You’ll have no problems displaying any of our Irish plates on your car, bike or van. As we’re pretty much experts in Irish plates, due to their huge popularity, then you won’t be waiting ages for your plates. We transfer Irish plates on a daily basis and we do it fast. From your side, it’s no more complicated to order Irish plates than it is any other. We take care of it all for you.

There’s also another little bonus when you buy Irish plates. All Irish plates are dateless. You can’t tell the year of issue of the vehicle by looking at the registration plate. This is because the Irish number plate system works differently from ours. They simply do not have any characters on their plates that indicate the year of issue, and so ALL Irish plates are dateless by default. This is great if you have an older vehicle and you don’t really want the whole world knowing just how old it is. Buying an Irish plate really is a very cost effective way of disguising the age of your car.