4 automotive careers you may not have considered


Be honest, is your car your pride and joy? Do you take great care to ensure it shines on the drive? Do you enjoy giving friends and family lifts so that you can show it off? Do you love to tinker with repairs and modifications? Don’t be afraid to admit it. Many people would list their car as their prized possession and their hobby.

But what if that hobby could be translated into a job? It’s a common dream to want to transfer your personal passion into pounds and pence and actually earn cash from a career you enjoy.

The good news for ‘petrol heads’ everywhere is that there is actually a broad range of career paths that you take to realise your goals – and not just the obvious choices like a mechanic (although consider this too…). So, while the dream to be a race car driver might be off limits, here are four automotive careers you may not have considered…

Motoring writer

One great way to share your enthusiasm and knowledge for your hobby is to write about it. That can be especially true when it comes to the automotive world. Imagine getting to test drive the very latest releases? By getting a good grounding in journalism skills you’ll be able to seek out motoring jobs. You don’t have to go into the full-blown world of journalism either. In a world where Google values good, original, content, plenty of websites will need quality copy, thus creating a demand for specialist freelance writers.


All good vehicles need to look the part, as you’ll undoubtedly know, so what about a career in design? This could range from getting a role looking at the intricate technical measurement of a new model to enlisting specialist equipment such as spray booths from Airblast Eurospray and having a hands on role with the colour and look of a vehicle. Your eye for detail when it comes to cars will be put to good use here.


If you’re the sort of person who would happily sit before John Humphrys in the Mastermind ‘black chair’ and answer questions on cars – or could readily gabble away to your heart’s content on Just A Minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition on the topic – then put your patter to the test and go into sales.

Yes, there may be a certain image attached to the car salesman traditionally but this is your chance to talk about your passion all day, every day – and put your knowledge to use to help buyers drive off in a motor that is every bit the pride and joy that yours is. It’s also the ideal job to see and test the latest models, while also having opportunities for you to rise through the ranks and develop a lucrative business career at the same time.

The technical wizardry we all benefit from with smartphones and computers is no longer far removed from the automotive industry. Manufacturers are vying to develop driverless technology – incorporating the most useful aspects of computing into our driving experience in the meantime. It all means that you can combine a talent for technology and a passion for cars all in one job. The people developing the apps and software that make our drives smarter and more in tune with modern technology will be at the head of this process and, no doubt, richly rewarded for their innovations.