Scarily low prices this Halloween at Spookyreg*


We’ve got some terrifyingly low prices this Halloween. We don’t want to scare you, so prepare yourself. I’m afraid garlic, crucifixes and silver bullets can’t protect you from this shocking news. Are you ready for it? We’ve got private plates available from just £40! AAAARRRGGGHHHH please don’t faint.

You may be wondering what black magic is at work to offer you such low prices. Well don’t worry, we haven’t had to make a deal with the devil. It’s our spookily good buying power and the bewitching personalities of our staff that have combined to get you these amazing prices.

Perhaps you’d like a Halloween themed plate? We’ve got plenty to offer you. How about a startling BOO plate? That should keep the ghosts at bay this Halloween. We’ve got loads to choose from. You could splash out on BOO 800 for £31,500 or perhaps you’d like something a little cheaper. If so, you pick up CO03 BOO for just £199! If you’re of a certain age you might remember a rather famous TV witch called Grotbags. If you were a fan, right now we’ve got the perfect plate for you… GR07 BAG!

We’ve also got some GHOST plates available. How about GHO 57S, GHO 5T or GHO5 OST? Or maybe you’d like a BAT plate such as E16 BAT, AD04 BAT or GR02 BAT. Halloween isn’t Halloween without black cats, and CAT plates are great for any cat lover all year round. We’ve got tons of those too. You can take your pick from CAT 1, CAT 11A, W55 CAT, F5 CAT, BL03 CAT and many many more.

If you plan to spend your Halloween wrapping yourself up in toilet roll to be the perfect mummy, then maybe you’d like a private plate to match? You could have MUM 11E, MUM 111S or MUM 11S.

So maybe these have inspired you? Even if you’re not keen on a Halloween plate, we’ve got plenty more plates so we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Spookyreg*. Finding your ideal plate is very easy. We’ve developed a really simple way for you to search for plates. If you haven’t tried it out yet then please do, even if you’re not looking for plates right now, it’s actually pretty fun taking a look at what we have available. Just put a word or numbers into the search box on our homepage and press Search, It really is that easy. You can fine tune your selection if you have particular requirements, but a general search is usually the best place to start. Try putting your name in and see what comes up.

We’ve been selling number plates for over 30 years now so we have a lot of expertise and we’re very happy to share that with you, so if you have any questions then please get in touch either by email at or by phone on 02866 387124.


*Obviously you’ll fare much better if you actually go to but we can never resist a terrible pun.