Cheap Irish Number Plates

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How do you keep your car looking young? Well if you take care of it, your car will keep its youthful appearance. A regular service will keep it running well, and a good clean and polish will keep the exterior looking shiny and new. You can upgrade your wheels to the latest trend in alloys, and you can even add sporty decals, but there’s one major thing that will give away the age of your vehicle, no matter how spotless you’ve kept it and that’s the license plate. Standard UK DVLA plates have characters that identify the year of issue, so like wearing a t-shirt with your date of birth on, it’s pretty obvious just how old your car really is.

There is a way around this though, and it doesn’t involve splashing out thousands of pounds on a brand new motor! You may not know it, but Irish number plates are all dateless. They use a different system and there are no characters identifying the year of issue. Not only that, but Irish plates can legally be used on vehicles registered in the UK, so you can buy one no problem! Better still, our Irish plates are some of the cheapest we have available AND we guarantee that we will beat any other quote you get for Irish plates!

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