What Makes Cheap Irish Number Plates So Popular?

Why are irish number plates so popular

We sell huge numbers of Irish registration plates. We sell them every day and demand for Irish plates is on the increase as more people become aware of them.

But why are they so popular? Why would you want a plate from Northern Ireland?

There are actually a few reasons but what is probably the main reason is the price and what you get for your money.

Irish plates are amazing value and that’s the bottom line. You get a lot for your money. If you’ve got a particular budget in mind, you’ll nearly always find that the Irish plates within your budget are shorter and have more of that truly personalised look about them than any other plate. Because we’re not used to seeing Irish plates on our roads, they stand out from the crowd straight away as Irish plates are created on a totally different system to the plates we’re used to seeing. The plates are short, and they’re good looking. You’ll also find some characters that we don’t get in the rest of the UK, for example you could pick up an Irish JIL plate if your name is JILL, whereas you wouldn’t be able to get this normally.

Having an Irish plate is a real talking point too. You’ll find many people don’t realise that’s it’s legal to display an Irish registration plate on a UK vehicle. They’ll wonder how on earth you managed to get it!

Buying an Irish number plate from us is not any more complicated than buying any other plate. It’s all pretty simple. Remember, we sell these Irish plates every day, and we’ve been doing that for over 30 years. So we can promise you it will all go smoothly. We’ll look after you every step of the way. From our easy-to-use search engine, through the payment process, right to sending out your physical plates, it’ll all be plain sailing. We have a wide range of payment options, including interest free finance. We can supply your plates on a retention certificate if you’d prefer that, and if you have any questions you can always email us sales@speedyreg.co.uk or call our customer service team on 02866 387124. We have extended opening hours so you can give us a call on a Saturday or on weekday evenings as well as during the week.

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