Why Are Irish Plates So Popular?


Over the last few years our Irish plates have been selling better and better each year. As they grow in popularity, everyone tells their friends and word gets around about how amazing Irish plates are. But what is it about these plates from Ireland that makes them so appealing?

Irish plates are legal in the UK

Even though the Irish number plate system is totally different to ours, there’s no problem with using an Irish plate on a UK vehicle.

Irish plates are ALL dateless

One of the great things about Irish license plates is that they are all dateless. That means you can choose from all the plates, not just ones that are older or the same age as your vehicle, and it also means that you can pick out an Irish plate as a cheap and cheerful way to hide the age of your older car.

Irish plates are very cheap

If you’re looking for a cheap plate, I’d always point you in the direction of our Irish plates as your first port of call. Irish plates are amazing value, prices start at just £40 so they really do make private plates affordable for all.

Irish plates have letters you won’t find elsewhere

You’ll find letter combinations that you won’t get on UK plates such as CAZ, WIL, JIL and SAZ. If you can’t find a plate with your name on searching the UK plates, don’t forget to check the Irish plates. The Irish number plate system is different to ours so you’ll find plate combinations that you just won’t get in the rest of the UK.

Irish plates stand out from the crowd

The whole point of having a private plate is to stand out from the crowd, and Irish plates do this by default because the number plate system is different. They tend to be shorter than UK plates which is always a good thing when it comes to personalised registrations.

So have we given you some food for thought there? Next time you’re looking for a private plate, don’t forget to include Irish plates in your search. We’ve been selling Irish plates for over 30 years now, so we certainly know our stuff when it comes to sorting out your transfer and getting your plates to you fast and smoothly. We have more Irish plates available than any other retailer so you know if you use our search engine you’re getting the widest choice of plates possible.

We also offer a Price Promise on our Irish plates. If you find the same plate on sale for less anywhere else, call us and we’ll match that price or beat it.