Did You Know, Most Of Our Irish Number Plates Can Be Supplied On A Retention Certificate?

Did you know most of the irish number plates can be put on retention

Yes, we can now supply nearly all of our Irish number plates on retention certificate.

This is great news as there are many reason why you might prefer to have your new plate on a retention certificate rather than transferring it straight onto a vehicle…

You want to secure that amazing plate

Number plates are all ‘one-offs’ and they don’t hang around forever. If you’ve spotted a great one at a bargain price, chances are, pretty soon someone else will find it too! If you haven’t bought it before they do, then you’ve lost your chance. Your perfect plate may never come back on the market ever again. So being able to snap up a plate you’ve taken a liking to, even if you’re not ready to use it, is very handy! Simply choose to have it supplied on a retention certificate when you check out and you can use it when you’re ready without the worry of someone else buying it!

You want to give a plate as a gift

Number plates make brilliant presents. It’s the ultimate personalized gift, but if you want the element of surprise, you can’t simply have it transferred to someone else’s vehicle. Instead you can have it transferred onto a retention certificate for the perfect wedding, birthday or Christmas present! We also offer gift vouchers if you think the recipient would prefer to choose their own plate.

Your vehicle isn’t ready yet

Perhaps you’ve ordered a new car that isn’t ready yet but you want to get your privates plates sorted so you can put them on your new car as soon as it arrives. A retention certificate is a great holding place for your plates in the meantime!

You haven’t sold your old plates yet

Having a change of private plates is fun, but you’ll want to sell your old plates. If you’ve found a plate you really want, but you haven’t yet sold your current plates, don’t panic, just order your new ones on a retention certificate.  When you are ready to sell your own plates, do come back to us as we can sell your plates for you and we offer a free valuation service too.

You’re buying a plate as an investment

Perhaps you don’t even want to put the plate on a vehicle at all, but you’re looking to make a profit from it instead? The world of investments is a bit rocky at the moment! Post Brexit everything from stocks and shares to currency is not looking that great for investors. Private plates are becoming increasingly popular as an investment vehicle and they have a very good track record for keeping their value and even making their owners a tidy profit.