NI Number Plates are Set to Change – We Bring you the Latest News

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The Number Plates Guru — Speedyreg

Our director Dessie has been in talks with the DVLA this week and we can now bring you the very latest news regarding upcoming changes to the number plate system of Northern Ireland. It has been many decades since there were any alterations to NI number plates, but as we’re reaching the end of the alphabet with the current system, with just UIG, VIG, XIG and YIG left to be released here in Fermanagh, it comes as no surprise that the DVLA are on the case to create a new system.

Our director has now been informed that the new format will be a reversal of the current format, with numbers preceding the letters on the plate. The new system will start again at the beginning of the alphabet, giving an entire new run through, which should see plenty of registrations available to see us through the next few decades.

Will this devalue original NI private plates?

If you own a rare early NI private plate, you may be concerned about these plates being devalued when their opposite alter-ego is launched. We believe there isn’t a lot to be concerned about. On immediate launch, there may be some short term devaluation, but you’re still only looking at one extra plate in the world that is similar to your own rare plate. At the end of the day, the original plates will still be the most desirable and your plates will still be valuable.

Do you like the new system?

What do you think of this news? Do you believe the new style of plates will look as attractive as the  current style? It’s perhaps simply a matter of getting used to the new look, we’ve had the current system for so long, it’s going to be strange seeing plates on the road that look the wrong way round!

Beat the system

Of course, if you’re set in your ways and simply can’t get your head around the new style of plate, if you have future plans to buy a new car but just don’t fancy a new style plate, we can certainly offer you plenty of alternatives! Why not take a look now and pick out a plate that’s going to be perfect for your new vehicle.