Did you know all Irish Number Plates are dateless?

Irish Number Plates

Yes that’s right, every single one of our Irish number plates for sale on our website is dateless! That means there is no way anyone can work out the year of registration of your vehicle just by looking at your number plate.

This is good news for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means you get the pick of all our Irish plates, you’re not limited to those that make your car look its’ age or older as is the legal requirement. Secondly, it’s brilliant if you simply don’t want people to know how old your car is! Some cars don’t look their age, keeping their shine and good looks a decade later, but it’s the number plate that usually gives the age away. Swap to an Irish plate and no one need know that your car is actually much older than it looks!

We have a good selection of Irish number plates. Actually that’s an understatement, we have a MASSIVE selection of Irish plates and the prices for these plates start at just £40. We sell a lot of Irish plates, not just because they are dateless but because they look great and they are excellent value for money.

Choosing an Irish plate is as simple as choosing any other plate when you order from us. It’s really all down to your preference. Whichever plate you go for, we’ll make sure your transfer is underway fast and our call centre is open extended hours if you want to give us a call and check on the process of your order. Buying a personalised plate really isn’t as complicated as you might have thought. We’ve been selling plates for over 30 years now so we know how to make everything go smoothly!

So if you’re fancying a dateless plate, then do take a look at our Irish plates, you’ll be impressed with the prices, and you’ll find some unusual plates you won’t find outside of Northern Ireland. It’s always good to have extra choices isn’t it? And if it’s choice you want, you’ve come to the right place. We have so many plates that we couldn’t just give you a list to look through, it would take you months! Instead we’ve created a clever search facility right here on our website. Just type in a word or numbers that you’d like your plate to include or represent and loads of suggestions will pop up! It really is very simple. Happy Browsing!