Irish Number Plates can be transferred onto any age of vehicle

Irish Numbers

Yes, all of our Irish number plates can be transferred to your vehicle, regardless of age. It can be frustrating when you’re searching for a new private plate as the law states that you cannot display a license plate that makes your car look newer than it is. That means, if your car is quite old, your choices are more limited.

However, if you decide to search within our Irish plates range you can pick absolutely any of them!

How come? Well it’s because all Irish plates are dateless, so there’s no way to tell the age of a vehicle when you’ve got an Irish plate on it.

You’re totally within the law when you choose an Irish plate for your vehicle registered within the UK and it’s a great option if you want to disguise the age of an older vehicle.

When you start looking into Irish plates as an option, you soon notice just how interesting they are. Not only are they dateless, but because they are based on a totally different system, even the cheapest of plates look truly personalised.

You can pick up some really good deals once you start adding Irish plates into your search. It hugely extends your options and they are particularly worth looking at if you’re on a budget. We have thousands of plates under £99 and even under £50, in fact, even if you only want to spend just £40 on a new set of plates you’ll definitely still have plenty to choose from when you view our selection of Irish plates.

So if your car or van is getting on a bit, they are a really good choice, well worth a look. You can use our search page to find your perfect Irish plate, or take a look at our cheap plates page where we list all our reduced price plates. Many of these are dateless Irish plates.

Choosing your plate is fun, but it doesn’t get difficult once you’ve picked out your plate. The process of payment is quick and easy with the minimum of form filling required! Our transfers are the fastest you’ll find and in just a few days you’ll have your new registration. Choose to order your physical plates from us and we’ll send a set of high quality plates out to you fast too.