Irish number plates, personalisation on a budget

Irish Number Plates

If you love the idea of having a personalised plate but just don’t have the cash for your dream plate, all may not be lost. Anyone in the UK can legally buy and display an Irish number plate on their vehicle and they are very cheap. Take a look at the Irish plates available from Speedy Reg and you’ll see there’s a great range of personalised plates to choose from, for as little as £40! There’s an added advantage with Irish plates as they are dateless. Their system differs from that of the DVLA, the plates issued in Ireland don’t indicate the year of issue, so if you’re looking for a dateless  plate to hide to age of your vehicle, the cheapest way to do it is to buy an Irish plate. They can be transferred to a vehicle of any age and the process is simple.

Irish number plates are shorter than UK plates so they’re more desirable looking to start with. Any Irish plate will look cool on your car or motorbike, but Speedy Reg have loads of plates so as well as having a short plate, you are bound to find something that means something to you, perhaps your name or initials?

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