Number plates to match your mood


Are you known for being a fun loving party animal or a bit of a Victor Meldrew? Either way, you could use this to inspire your choice of personalised license plate.

If you’re always cracking a joke you could go for FUN 3Y or PUN 853.

If you’re always up for fun then there are loads of FUN plates to choose from such as TO04 FUN and P15 FUN. If you’re feeling down in the dumps then you could opt for SAD 64 or 10 SAD, or E13 BLU if you’re feeling blue. If you’re feeling more positive then how about JOY 9E, F2 JOY or JOL 3Y? If you have a crazy side then F12 MAD or MAD 11V might be perfect for you, or if you’re just downright bad, there’s still a plate for you, despite whether or not you deserve it! You can have BAD 17K or W40 BAD.

Whatever your personality and whatever your mood, there’s a huge range of plates to choose from. If you have several cars you could buy a couple of plates and pick the plate you want to take out and about depending on how you’re feeling! FUN or SAD?  MAD or BAD? The choice is yours!

Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography / / CC BY