The latest DVLA banned license plates

Number Plates

With the up-coming release of the new 14 plates, the DVLA have had a big job on their hands weeding out potentially offensive or bad taste license plates. With the numbers 1 and 4 easily representing the letters I, A or H, a lot of plates have been banned from release. They’ve also been reassessing the 63 plates which can represent the letters G and B or E.

The list always makes for entertaining reading as we see rude combinations we wouldn’t even have thought of (we’re just too innocent!). The latest banned list includes SL14 AGS, SH14 TTY,  PR14 CCK, SK14 NKY, and BU14 SHT. Other plates that could potentially offend and have been banned are SP14 STK, J14 HAD, AL14 LAH, TR14 DDS and CR14 PLE. All these plates will be banned from March 2014.

The 63 plates that have been banned include a whole host of plates beginning with VA63 as well as OR63 ASM, FA63 HAG, NO63 END, PU63 RTY, BU63 GER, SO63 OMY, LU63 FER, FA63 GTT. HU63 NOB and OR63 YYY.

The job of picking out the plates to ban is done by a committee as this is one job you just can’t trust a computer to do properly!

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