Forget Xmas jumpers get an xmas registration!


Christmas scene blog


In recent years the novelty Christmas jumper has made a massive come back and hasn’t been this popular since the 1980’s. Everything from cats with Santa hats, snowflakes, Reindeer with novelty goggle eyes and the traditional Scandinavian style jumpers.

Each year their popularity seems to grow and they seem to get wackier and more adventurous. You can even get jumpers with built in lights, baubles hanging from them and pompoms that look like snow balls. Nearly every store on the high street is selling their own version of the Christmas jumper.

If you are not into the whole novelty jumper scene but still want to show your love of Christmas have you considered a personalised Christmas number plate? You could have an Elf number plate such as X10 ELF, X555 NOW, XO54 NTA, DEE 33R and  SN02 OWY. If you would just prefer a regular personalised registration or a specific name plate why not give the sales team at Speedy Reg a call today.