Romantic plates for Christmas


Why not surprise your loved one with a romantic personalised license plate for Christmas? You can give them a kiss under the mistletoe, but don’t you think a KI55 number plate would be a much more impressive gesture? You could have KI55 DPC for £424 or if you’re engaged to be married, then how about KI55 WED which is available for £2179?

You could also express your love with a LOVE or LUV plate, and we’ve got some really great ones. How about LOV 3Y, Y1 OVE, FA57 LUV or LOV 3P? There are many more besides, so do take a look on our website for more romantic inspiration!

If you prefer something a little more raunchy, then you might be interested in the brilliant WE11 SXY plate that’s currently available. There’s also WE11 SXE for a much lower price if you’re on a budget. We also love the HUG plates; send your beloved away with a big hug from you wherever they go for just £199. There are hundreds of HUG plates to choose from, such as AW02 HUG and LV02 HUG. For that price, you can certainly afford to share the love this Christmas without breaking the bank.

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