Finance available on Number Plates

Number Plates

So you really want personalised plates, you’ve found the ideal plates and you want to snap them up before anyone else does, but with Christmas coming up, you’re a little short on cash. Don’t worry, we have a great finance deal for you in association with Hitachi Capital, so you can easily spread the payments. You just put down a ten percent deposit and you can then pay the rest off over the coming year. What’s more, it’s interest free, so you’re not even paying any extra if you take up this option.

Paying for your plates with our finance option is easy, just follow the instructions on-screen when you’re buying your chosen plates. If you’d like more information on our superb finance offers or any of our other payment methods, don’t hesitate to give us a call or get in touch online. Our staff are available to assist you seven days a week.  Just call 0845 346 4343 or email us at

Whether you’re looking for a dateless plate to hide the age of your car, or a plate with your name on for a bit of fun, you can have it all and you can have it now with 0% finance.