Types of Personalised Number Plates

Number Plates

There are several types of personalised number plate and it’s a good idea to have a little knowledge about the different types of plates as it can affect your decision when it comes to choosing a personalised number plate of your own.

The most common number plates you see in the UK are DVLA number plates. When you buy a car, it is a DVLA plate that comes as standard on any vehicle registered in the UK. There are two types of personalised DVLA plate available; prefix style and current style. As the name suggests, current style is the style used nowadays for new car registration. Prefix style is the system used before the change. Both types are available on our website to give you more scope for personalisation.

The important thing to remember when choosing DVLA plates is that it is illegal to display a plate that makes your car look younger than it is. This can sometimes limit your choices if your car is quite old, but don’t worry as you can always choose an Irish plate. Irish plates don’t have any indicator of date on them, so you can pick any Irish plate and display it on any age UK vehicle. They’re also very handy if you want to hide the age of your vehicle!

Image courtesy of taoty / FreeDigitalPhotos.net