Hide the age of your vehicle with private number plates

Number Plates

Are you ashamed of how old your car is? It can be tiresome, knowing that however new and shiny looking your car is, the number plate will always give away exactly how old it is. We have a brilliant solution for you though… a private number plate!

Now you might be thinking ‘Hang on a minute, the DVLA won’t let me put a plate on my car that makes it look younger, only older, so that kind of defeats the object doesn’t it?’

Well our solution doesn’t involve those pesky DVLA plates that shout the age of your vehicle to anyone and everyone. Instead, we can offer you plates from our huge selection of far more considerate Irish plates. These plates are all dateless, so pick one of these and no one will know how old your vehicle is. It’s perfectly legal to have an Irish plate on a UK vehicle. They look great, and the process to obtain them isn’t complicated. You might think these plates will cost you extra, but you’ll be pleased to know, our Irish plates are some of the cheapest we offer!

Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net