DVLA 12 series numberplates release a huge sucess


The 12 series were released at 8.30am on 05th Dec for purchase. A total of 3800, 12 series registrations were sold which provided the government with over £2.1 million in revenue.

There were a lot of various combinations made available with digit 12, as it makes an excellent letter R, such as

CA12 ROT: Carrot

KA12 ENC: Karen C

KA12 ENP: Karen P

MC12 ORY: Mc Rory

PO12 KER: Porker

MA12 BLE: Marble

MA12 TYS: Marty’s

KA12 ATE: Karate

TE12 RYS: Terry’s

PE12 RYS: Perry’s

CA12 LEY: Carley

Can you think of any other combinations that can be made up?