Finance available on Number Plates

As society moves on and everything seems to be getting bigger, louder and faster, standardisation seems to be the way forward. We have restaurant chains and coffee houses serving exactly the same things in high streets that increasingly are starting to look exactly the same as well. If you didn’t know better, you’d be hard pushed at times to know where you were!

If you want to make a statement, then what better way to make that statement than to get your own personalised number plate. It adds to who you are, it stays with you and just sets you apart from the rest. How cool is that?

If you were ever in Rotherham, you would see the Mayoral car proudly sporting ET1 and back in 1996 the DVLA sold ET1 for £13,100 although you certainly don`t have to pay anywhere near that for your dream number plate.

Finance is available should you wish to make that one-off purchase. Companies that specialise in sourcing and selling number places are often in a position to offer financial terms, much like a garage or dealership can for the purchase of a car. Many offer their customers a money back guarantee should any transfer fail to take place and their secure ordering systems, both online and direct provide a unique level of safety to their customers.

Another way forward is to use a licensed credit broker. Generally interest free or buy now pay later schemes are the norm with a payment time of anything from 9 to 36 months. Some guarantee to finance the purchase of the number plate and offer personal loans without any credit check. An upfront part payment followed by instalments over 4 to 8 months will secure that particular deal.

For the most part banks are still very approachable and would be happy to consider finance for such a venture. Depending on both the price of the plate and your standing with the bank, it could either be as an overdraft on an existing account or as a specific loan with a monthly repayment scheme over a set period of time. There is of course old-fashioned cash.

Give consideration as well to making the purchase by credit card. So many different companies now offer their own card each with its own specific benefits and of course it is wise to examine your options accordingly. Often a deposit paid by card will ensure the transaction goes ahead and the outstanding balance can then be paid by credit card. Often the seller may charge a 2% handling fee which in the scheme of things may work out considerably less than other finance packages.

Look no further than the Tesco credit card as a viable way forward. It is backed by one of Britain`s most go-ahead of companies and it offers points that can be redeemed in a variety of ways. These include discounts on store purchases, on trips out or points toward Airmiles. This card may well be the answer to this particular dream.