Fancy a trip to a DVLA auction?

Number Plates

Every year the DVLA hold five traditional and three timed auctions for the sale of personalised number plates. These auctions bring together number plate enthusiasts from all over the country, so as well as being a great opportunity to pick up a new plate, it’s also a good day out as you’ll get to chat with like minded people. There really is a good atmosphere at a DVLA auction.

To make the most of a DVLA auction it’s a good idea to be prepared. Register as a bidder online before you get to the auction and you’ll save yourself time getting into the venue. If you can’t attend the auction, you can also bid for free via telephone or over the Internet. You can even place a bid in advance if you’re not available while your desired lot is being auctioned, you simply let the auctioneer know what your maximum bid is, and your bid will be taken into account while the auction is under way.

If you like the idea of a trip to a DVLA auction, or want to browse the electronic catalogue and perhaps place a bid remotely, the next auction is on 27th, 28th and 29th of November at The Park Royal Hotel in Stretton, Warrington.