Perfect McRory Number Plates


The Number plate MC12 ORY is exclusively available through Speedyreg, which is the Ultimate Mc Rory personalised number plate.

The surname Mc Rory originates from both Ireland and Scotland and there are various spellings of the surname such MacRory, MacCroary, MacCrory, MacCrorie, MacRorie, and short forms commencing Mc, and in Ireland plus the spellings of McCreary, McCreery, McGreary and others, this is a surname of Scottish origins. Mc Rory derives from the pre 10th century Gaelic name Mac Ruaidhri, meaning the son of the powerful ruler.

MC12 ORY registration would also be an excellent advertising tool for The MacRory Cup. The MacRory cup  is an inter-college   Gaelic football tournament in Ulster. It is staged every year with the stipulation that players must be under eighteen-and-a-half at the start of the tournament. The holders advance to the All-Ireland colleges “A” senior football championship, where they compete for the Hogan Cup. The current holders are St Colman’s College, Newry beating St Patrick’s Academy, Dungannon in the 2011 final by 2-09 to 2-08, in the process extending to 19 their record haul of victories.

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